Autonomous electric sewer cleaner SHARK

Compact – Powerful – Accessible – Versatile – Clean – Quiet

Hydrocureur autonome Électrique SHARK

The electric skid has exactly the same dimensions as the thermal version (+/-10mm).

 The interface Shark thermal and Shark electric is identical (it is therefore possible to easily interchange installations with near exhaust).


Silent motor

Times cheaper than thermal (consumption)




Recyclable (battery components)<br />


Consumption while idling<br />


Lower maintenance cost<br />

Battery pack

  • The pack is installed instead of the thermal engine in order to keep the same size and center of gravity.
  • 4 Powermodules of 48V-105Ah-5.37Kwh 43.5Kg (i.e. a total of 96V-210Ah 21.48Kwh 174Kg) LFP technology, stainless steel case,
  • IP54 protection index, integrated heating, 12V-17Ah service battery.
  • The batteries are easily removable from the side face with a forklift (fork passage).
  • The charger(s) (depending on option) are located behind the cover, the 12V service battery is installed instead
  • of the thermal version starter battery.
  • The battery switch (instead of the tank cap) cuts off the 12V supply which has the effect of opening the
  • switches internal to the Powermodules.


Hydrocureur autonome Électrique SHARK


Your typical day with your e-shark



  • 20 liters / minute at 320 bar
  • 8 interventions of 10 minutes
  • 1600 liters
  • 4 tanks



  • 42 liters / minute at 320 bar
  • 3 interventions of 20 minutes
  • 2520 liters
  • 6.3 tanks



  • 42 liters / minute at 320 bar
  • 1 intervention of 20 minutes
  • 5 interventions of 10 minutes
  • 1840 liters
  • 4.6 tanks

Battery charging time

On-board charger allowing a full recharge in 7 hours on a 230 V/16 A socket

Optional possibility of installing a reinforced charger for fast charging in 3.5 hours on two 230 V/16 A sockets


Thanks to its two motorized and disengageable reels (can be used without having to take them out) mounted on a double pivot arm allowing the reels to be taken out of the vehicle and oriented at an angle of 180°, in order to adapt to all configurations of building site.


Speed ​​regulation system according to the required working pressure, three operating modes (a cleaning mode limited to 25 bars and two other modes set according to the characteristics of the high-pressure pump).


Easily integrated into a utility van (Peugeot Partner, Citroën Jumpy, Toyota Proace, Mercedes Vito, Ford Transit type, etc.) thanks to its small dimensions and its rapid removal and refitting system.


With its latest generation PERKINS diesel engine (Stage V, 36 KW-50 CV, common rail injection, particulate filter) equipped with an automatic stop and go system.

Ultra-compact electric sewer cleaner

The SHARK hydrocleaner is the tool you need for property hygiene and minor cleaning work.

The SHARK is the guarantee of successful interventions within short deadlines and extremely low operating costs. Its power will allow you to overcome the most difficult sites:

  • The compactness will allow you to get as close as possible to your construction sites.
  • The ease of use will make it the preferred tool for your technicians.
  • The low cost of use will ensure you high profitability.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the pressure flow range of the SHARK sewer?

    The SHARK sewer cleaner offers a pressure flow range from less than 250 up to 500 bars and from 30 to 73L/min.

    Do you make a version allowing the use of hot water?

    Yes, our SHARK sewers allow use at different temperatures depending on the different flow rates.

    Can you mount the SHARK sewer on another type of utility vehicle?

    Yes, we can also offer the assembly of the SHARK sewer cleaner on Pick-up type vehicles or on trailers. Our teams are able to respond to your various projects, do not hesitate to contact us and we will study your project and its feasibility.

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