Chaser with reel of 200 meters

The 200-meter undercarriage with reel is ideal equipment for carrying out cleaning work in inaccessible or steep places.

Technical characteristics

  • Kubota 13hp diesel engine.
  • Hydrostatic transmission.
  • Maximum speed 4 Km/h
  • Hydraulic PTO 21L/min at 180Bars (allowing to supply a transfer pump for example).
  • Capacity 200 M in 1 inch textile braid (possibility of installing 160 M in 1’1/4).
  • Traction force: 430Kg
  • Automatic hose guide.
  • Two LED working lights.
  • Storage bin.
  • Mass 1400Kg in running order (with water hose)
  • Overall dimensions: width 1300mm length: 2238mm (with platform deployed) height: 1438mm

Chaser with reel of 200 meters

We have developed the Chaser to meet several requests from our customers. Indeed, deploying a high pressure hose over long distances is a complicated undertaking over rough terrain.

This equipment is ideal for cleaning work in inaccessible or steep places.

A demo ?

We would be happy to welcome you to our premises to demonstrate our products to you. You will be able to visit our workshops and see our assembly lines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install all types of pipes?
  • The reel has a capacity of 200 M in 1 inch with textile braid, but we can install 1 inch 1/4. Consult us for other hoses
Do you do maintenance on all sewers?

We maintain our equipment and your maintenance is provided by Assainipieceservice .

Is building the chaser your only skill?

No, if we have a proven competence in engineering, it is not only focused on the design and manufacture of the undercarriage with reel. We also work on the design of equipment for high-pressure cleaning for construction, military, aeronautical and marine equipment.

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