Demonstration of compact sewers

Demonstration of compact sewers on site. We come to convince you of the effectiveness of our products on your construction sites and workplace, even on the 30ᵉ floor of a building.

Obviously, seeing a product in action on a construction site or in an operation allows you to better appreciate its quality and performance. This is why we invite you to test our sewer cleaners on your own sites and under your real working conditions. You will be able to judge their performance and their ability to meet your needs.

Our sewers are designed to be robust and reliable, so they can operate effectively in tough working conditions. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows them to effectively clean surfaces in depth, using a high-pressure water jet. This ensures effective removal of dirt, grease, oils, rust deposits and other contaminants without damaging surfaces.

They are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly, as they use little water and do not emit harmful chemicals.

Contact us for more information or to arrange an on-site demonstration. We would be happy to show you the benefits of our products in real life.

Demo cleaning of silos in a sugar factory

Demonstration of Shark for the cleaning of sugar residues, currently carried out with heavy weights. Reduced water consumption thanks to the Shark’s low flow rate and improved efficiency thanks to its 300 bar pressure. Reduced fuel consumption and pollution.

Demo cleaning of columns 30 floors

Descaling of columns on a 30-storey building. 200 meters of hose properly sized to limit pressure drops and maintain sufficient efficiency at the nozzle outlet.

Assistance and technical advice for setting up the site and choosing the components.

Concrete cleaning demonstration

Cleaning dried concrete on augers. Effective pressure associated with a suitable gun allows the cleaning of screws that have previously been cleaned with a hammer drill. Improved working conditions, more dust, less dangerous, versatility, fewer constraints and speed of execution. Demonstration rewarded by the sale of a machine.

Demo at Column Descaling

Descaling of building columns. Large sanitation company in Haut-de-France which concluded the purchase of 4 Sharks.

Demo cleaning and descaling

A nice meeting. An artisanal plumbing company meets us on Polutec and understands the interest of acquiring a Shark in order to develop its professional activity towards cleaning and unclogging. A demonstration in his geographical area leads to the sale of the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do demonstrations all over France?

Our demonstrations are made throughout the territory. Contact our sales representative so that she can schedule a visit for you according to her national tours. Call her directly on 06 40 17 56 13 or on the contact form below.

Do you only work with the sanitation professions?

Our products are aimed at all companies that want a powerful and reliable mobile high pressure squid to clean all surfaces, tanks and other machines that get dirty during production.

Are your demos free?

Of course, we are aware that to make a purchase decision, our customer must be able to easily judge the performance of our sewers. We are always happy to meet new people and show them the reliability of our equipment.

I want to schedule a demo.