The ultra-compact sewer that goes (really) everywhere and will be your best ally in an urban environment.


The PIRANHA is a light sewer cleaner with all the qualities of heavy duty sewer cleaners.


We can put our technical skills at your service.

As soon as there is water under pressure and/or liquid waste to convey, we can meet your specifications.

Foire aux questions

Is your after-sales service responsive?

We can pride ourselves on having a super responsive after-sales service! You can order your part until 6 p.m. for delivery the next day between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. This does not block your activities.

How do I know which equipment is best suited to my activity?

Come meet us! We will discuss your needs and suggest the most suitable equipment to meet them. Simple and efficient.

I prefer renting rather than buying, what should I do?

If you prefer to rent your equipment rather than buying it, in this case we can offer you our rental services.

Will we get back to you?


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