PIRANHA lightweight pumping & water blaster cleaning system

Light pumping and water blaster with all the qualities of heavy-duty trucks


Its dimensions allow it to slip through everywhere, as well in the narrow streets of city centers as in underground car parks thanks to its height contained at 1.87m. Its four-wheel drive will also allow you to access the steepest sites


Thanks to the provision of its equipment, you will be operational as soon as you get out of the vehicle, in particular thanks to its control station and the hose reels and pumping hoses directly accessible from the rear of the vehicle. The accessibility of the various components greatly facilitates maintenance operations.


The high pressure pump speed regulation system according to the required working pressure and the efficient hydraulic transmission limit the wear of the various high pressure components and reduce fuel consumption.


The numerous storage compartments with dedicated spaces (ladder, traffic cone, cleaning head, drain pipe, etc.) and the large side lockers carry all the equipment necessary for your activity.

A demonstration ?

We would be happy to welcome you to our premises to allow you to discover our products. You will be able to visit our workshops and see our assembly lines.

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What type of vacuum pump do you offer?

We offer an exclusive vacuum pump, the latter is without oil discharge! We also offer a more classic vane pump.

What are the diameters of the different pipes?

Les tuyaux vont de 50 à 65 mm de diamètre.

What type of carrier pick-up can you mount the PIRANHA on?

The PIRANHA hydrocurger can be mounted on the main pick-up carriers available on the French and european market.

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